H-type whole steel-welded frame
Suitable for single and multi-station stamping
This frame presses spare has a steel welded body with the features of good rigidity, transmission gear gumming lubrication, low noise and stable transmission;The functions of Hydraulic overload protection device and automatic emergency stop guarante the safety of press machine and mould; The number of frame double crank presses is adjustable and applicable to different parts of the job requirements.
Main Structure Features
Alloyed steel double crank with reverse running, countersct the side force
High off-set load capability in L-R direction
High accuracy, reaches JIS-Grade1
Straight side structure and high rigidity, steel welded frame
High precision, 8-side long guide rail
Pneumatic clutch-brake unite
Imported safety dual-solenoid valve for clutch
High sensitive HOLP
500T (below 500) Automatic grease lubrication system, 500T (above) Automatic oil cycle lubrication system
FDI (frequency drive inveter)
PLC, encoder, cam controller
Optional Components: Output shaft, air cushion, slide knockout device, automatic feeder, etc

Straight Side Stamping Press