〓 Our History
In 2008, All-in factory was built in Jinxiang ,wenzhou.
In 2010, add 3 coating line to enlarge the production capability.
In 2016, Suqian factory was built in Feb.
In 2017 , Suqian factory begain trail production in May.
In 2017, Suqian factory was put mass production since October
〓 Our Factory
Wenzhou All-in Packaging Material Co.,LTD
Effective team, selected products, good word of mouth, this is Wenzhou All-in Packaging Material Co.,ltd.
Our development is on the basis of commitment and contribution. We promise to provide suitable product and effective service for you. We know your requirement, go to production line to follow up detailed process and discuss with you about the deep solution to each item.
With 6 coating production line, 5 sets of embossing machine, and 1set of aluminum metallized machine, we put highly emphasis on the quality Improvement and new product development .
Our principle is we do what we promise. Our Team will control the quality according to your application with our professional knowledge and send to you in the shortest time. We do hope every purchasing in All in will be a pleasant experience.

〓 Our Product
hot stamping foil
cold foil
thermal lamination film
decorative packaging film
Special foil
o3D flower foil
omulti color foil
oRainbow film
opigment foil
opearlized foil
obrused foil
Cast &cure film
〓 Product Application
1. Gold-stamped paper for clothing fabrics (high fashion, leather cloth, T-shirts, bags, casual shoes)
2. ASB, PVC, PMMA (acrylic stamping) and other soft plastic stamping paper (plastic accessories, electronic products, ball pen, clock surface, etc.)
3. OPP lamination, paper gilding paper (high-grade cigarette bags, wine boxes, picture albums, moon cake boxes, books, etc.) 4, PP, PE gilding paper (cosmetic boxes, hoses, high-grade daily necessities)
5. Electrical wire drawing, double-sided gilding paper (DVD, VCD, combined speaker, transparent panel, high-grade electrical appliances, video panel, etc.)
6. Glass and metal gilding paper (cosmetic bottle, wine bottle, wine cup, metal nameplate, tea cup, etc.)
7. PU leather, imitation leather gilding paper (fashion shoes, bags, book leather, artificial leather, etc.)
8. Buddhist incense gilding paper
9. Bronzing Machine (Pneumatic Bronzing Machine, Automatic Continuous Bronzing Drill, Bronzing Machine)
〓 Our Certificate
ISO9001 , 14000, AAA Credit enterprise; China state high technology Enterprise ; product certificate : ROSH,MSDS
〓 Production Equipment
Coating machine – 6sets; metallized machine -1set ; embossing machine :5 sets; rewinding machine :6sets
Customized Transfer Foil